About K3 BTG

K3 is a leading global supplier of integrated business systems to retailers, manufacturers and distributors. We have over 25 years’ experience of delivering award winning solutions for more than 3000 customers across 20 countries. Our success is built upon world class software, tailored by our industry expertise and delivered by our world class service.

World Class Software
We are a leading supplier of Microsoft’s business solutions and a member of Microsoft’s Inner Circle and President’s Club. Our close relationship with Microsoft and in depth knowledge of their solutions means that you can be confident that the investment you’re making today will continue to payback now and in the future.

We also develop our own best practice software which is tailored to companies within the food, retail and manufacturing industries. These industry bespoke solutions are designed to maximise our customers’ efficiency and overall business performance. Between K3 and Microsoft we know we can provide a market leading solution that will fit a diverse range of business needs.

World Class Service
We are renowned for our unique personal service, our skill of listening to our clients and offering expertise that allows us to deliver the right solution, on time and on budget.

Collaboration is the foundation of our approach. We get to know your business by immersing ourselves in your strategy, we consult with you, we design the perfect solution to match your business needs, we implement it, make it work and ensure it continues to deliver business benefits.

Industry Expertise
We are experts in the retail, manufacturing and distribution industries and know about their processes, needs and wants – in depth. Our success is based on our ability to convert this knowledge into value for our customers.

As with all business solutions people are the key to success when it comes to implementation which is why we employ experienced industry professionals who understand the issues you face on a daily basis. Because our team of experts have this industry insight they make sure you get a best-of-breed solution that will address your specific requirements and objectives – both today and for the future.