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BHSF selects K3 to boost sales

BHSF, a UK insurer and employee benefits provider, has commissioned K3, the UK’s largest provider of Microsoft Dynamics, to create a Microsoft-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to enable the company to boost sales and bring greater efficiency to its sales and marketing activities. In competition with other leading CRM providers, K3 won the contract, initially aimed at 25 users in the BHSF sales department, to create a new system that will bring greater structure to the sales and marketing process. Brian Hall, Sales and Marketing Director said, “We looked at a number of systems, but opted for the K3 Microsoft Dynamics solution as we liked the familiarity due to the Microsoft Window feel; it wasn’t alien to our staff. Working with K3 also brings us additional benefits. They have experience in deploying these systems – they knew the answers to our questions before we even asked them. We benefit from their best practice – it’s more then expertise – it’s their experience. We know that they’ve done it all successfully before”. BHSF sought a new solution because it was not able to gather sales data in a single place and therefore was not able to fully control the process. Brian Hall said, “We’ve known for the last five years that we needed a CRM system, but they weren’t cheap. We were going to construct in-house, but discovered that this would be time-consuming, and costly in terms of our time. With K3 it has been more economical to buy an off the shelf system and configure to our requirements”. BHSF expect the new system to boost sales and bring order to their sales and marketing process, enabling them to manage contracts, drive new sales, oversee sales activities and analyse performance. Brian Hall said, “We need to know our customer and build a picture of them on all levels. We need to touch our clients at all levels, with all areas of the business seeing the same picture.” Paul Makin, Sales Director at K3 said, “K3 are delighted to be working with BHSF. They recognise our experience in deploying systems that will revolutionise their customer management strategy”. The new CRM solution is planned to go live by the end of the year.

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