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K3 Retail is one of the UK’s most successful and fastest growing retail software companies, delivering end-to-end integrated retail business solutions to mid-range High Street retailers.
Headquartered in Didcot, Oxfordshire with offices in Ireland and mainland Europe, the business employs some 200 staff supporting some 10,000 stores across more than 20 countries.

Traditionally retailers purchased different software solutions for the Head Office, Store and Till (EPOS), and then faced challenges with integration of multiple databases and data timeliness and accuracy.

K3’s Microsoft Dynamics based range of retail software provides a single technology platform for the entire business. This means one integrated software solution and one integrated database from the outset of the implementation, resulting in faster delivering of meaningful data, and fewer integration challenges.

K3 is Microsoft’s largest Dynamics Retail reseller in the UK.

The Retail Software Division comprises approximately 60% of K3’s total sales.

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