K3 Unisoft

K3 Unisoft , founded in 1985, provides innovative store solutions to retailers in fashion, footwear and sports retail, do-it-yourself industry, consumer electronics, toy shops, department stores and is a leading Point-of-Sale supplier.

Our retail software is available in 17 languages and is currently used in 22 countries with leading retailers who have been customers for many years. 50.000 people in several lines of business, store environments and countries use the retail software from K3 Unisoft on a daily basis..

K3 Unisoft software creates more time for you to focus on your core business and your customers by providing real-time retailing, insight and information about your customers There is a fast return on your investment as our solutions also increase your profit.

Unisoft is an organization with a pragmatic and professional attitude and understands your business. Our retail solutions are suitable for international retail chains local franchise organizations and independent entrepreneurs. The software can be built in a modular way so you can grow in users and functionality and also expand into other markets.

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