AX|IS Fashion

ax|is fashion is a complete fashion software solution developed exclusively by K3 for fashion and apparel enterprises. One of the big differentiators of ax|is fashion is that it has been fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics for Retail.

This flexible and scalable solution offers fashion and apparel enterprise a tailored environment in which to gain insight and control over all processes and channels to market. The customised tools, pre-configured to align to specific fashion tasks and processes, drive agility and productivity. The out-of-the-box fashion functionality means no need for extensive back-end configuration, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle.

Made to Measure
• Colour, Size and Fit Handling
• Sales Order Management
• Season Management
• Omni-Channel Planning
• Pre-Packs

Ready to Wear
• Pre-configured for fashion
• Flexible & scalable
• Shorter decision cycles
• Quicker response time
• Real-time visibility
• No expensive customisation

“We spent a lot of time and effort in creating a seamless, end-to-end solution that is really fit for fashion”, explains Sander Schoneveld, managing director, K3 Software Solutions. “Vertical integration is becoming more and more prevalent in the fashion and apparel industry, and we saw the need for one solution that can work across all the elements in the value chain. So if you’re a wholesaler going direct to the consumer with a web shop or a brand owner requiring product management, wholesale and retail capabilities, ax|is fashion can support you in what you need today, as well as cater to your future growth and expansion plans”.

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