ipaas cloud

ipaas cloud

K3|dataswitch Cloud

iPaaS – “Intergration Platform As A Service”

From disparate data to accurate insight, value delivered.

Connect, transform, integrate, process and modernise your critical business data today.

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One Platform: Infinite possibilities

The “iPaaS” platform provides organisations with a powerful and extremely flexible integration solution, without the need to purchase and manage dedicated infrastructure. Built using the latest in micro-service technologies, K3|dataswitch Cloud is the perfect platform to adopt, deploy and scale systems integration in line with your business demands.

Supporting common methodologies such as API’s through a suite of repeatable assets enables businesses to focus on the requirements and deliver quickly without worrying if the systems to be integrated will be catered for. Deliver for your business where it matters most and turn data silos into real business value.

One Solution: Any market, any industry, any vertical

Every business has an integration requirement, regardless of industry, sector or size. Yet while a retailer and a manufacturer might both use Magento as their E-Commerce platforms, one thing is for sure, they will not use it the same way and that means their integration requirements will be different.

K3|dataswitch provides a platform which enables organisations to implement processes between systems that work in tandem with their day to day activities.

K3|dataswitch Cloud contains a set of features specifically designed to enable organisations to approach integration without the worry of needing systems specific connectivity.

Powerful Platform – Simple Pricing

Billable Annually
Billable Annually
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Datastep Executions1 Million / Month
5 Million / Month20 Million / Month
Dataflow FeaturesPower Assets
Transformation Assets
Power Assets
Transformation Assets
Business Assets
Power Assets
Transformation Assets
Business Assets
Hybrid EnablementOn Premise AgentsOn Premise Agents
Data Exchange HubIntegration Data Models
Event / Message Centre
Environments1 Production1 Production & 1 TestOptions Available

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