DB Excellence and K3|pebblestone announce partnership to strengthen customers’ operations

DB Excellence and K3|pebblestone announce partnership to strengthen customers’ operations

Lyon, France. February 14, 2020 – Business transformation innovator Dynamics Business Excellence (DBE) and K3, a leader in Microsoft technology solutions for fashion companies, announced today their partnership to offer leading edge solutions to the fashion and apparel industries in the French market.

K3|pebblestone fully supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud with product extensions built for the industry covering the entire life-cycle from design to sale. K3 will provide solutions and subject matter expertise in the fashion market to complement Dynamics Business Excellence’s expertise in this area.

Dynamics Business Excellence guides customers towards business excellence with a structured methodology and industry cutting-edge solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. The powerful combination of DBE’s market coverage in France and Switzerland, delivery capability, and innovation record, alongside K3’s platform and industry expertise will provide fashion and apparel companies insight and control over all their processes.

Frédéric EYBERT, CEO at DBE, stated: “We always pursue excellence in what we do. K3|pebblestone supplies outstanding fashion and apparel functionality which strengthens our capability within this sector. We welcome this alliance with K3 to drive new opportunities and deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.”

Joost Onderwaater, Global Sales Manager at K3|pebblestone said: “The alliance with Dynamics Business Excellence will strengthen and accelerate our growth strategy for France and Switzerland and increase our market share in the fashion space. We are delighted to be working closely with Dynamics Business Excellence to bring new and innovative solutions to the fashion sector.”

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