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Upcoming Events


Product lifecycle management

19th January 2:00pm-2:45pm

Our first Webinar Wednesday for K3|fashion in 2022 will deep dive into how businesses can leverage the PLM functionality to achieve greater design efficiency while reducing administrative overhead costs.



19th January 3:00pm-3:45pm

Our first Webinar Wednesday for K3|pebblestone in 2022 will deep dive into how businesses can use the Presales functionality to make purchase orders months in advance.


Create & maintain your products

16th February 2:00pm-2:45pm

K3’s upcoming Webinar Wednesday for K3|fashion will explore how businesses can seamlessly create and maintain their fashion products to save time and maximise efficiency.


Cargo Management

16th February 3:00pm-3:45pm

K3’s upcoming Webinar will explore how the solution’s Cargo Management functionality enables businesses to easily and quickly oversee, manage and distribute their cargo.


Business Planning

16th March 2:00pm-2:45pm

The latest edition of Webinar Wednesday for K3|fashion will explore hoe companies can utilise the Business Planning features to boost efficiency and improve their utilisation of scarce resources.

Events On-Demand


Rebuilding bricks and mortar

As COVID-19 rapidly forced consumers to change their shopping habits, many retailers have had to redefine their business models in order to adapt. As customers become increasingly accustomed to online shopping, the role of bricks and mortar has been called into question.

Join Miya Knights to find out how well-thought-out omnichannel experiences can carry retailers through this crisis and out the other side with a more data-driven relationship to customers


How to build a culture of innovation

When we think about innovation in manufacturing, it’s easy to point to the newest cutting-edge tech. But the fact is that innovation starts with people.

Join Sean Culey to find out more about the manufacturing innovators leading the way, and the role of company culture in supporting sustainable and successful innovations.


The biggest risks and opportunities In manufacturing

Join us and Junuz Jakupovic, Director for the Manufacturing sector at Network Science where we will look at how Digital Transformation is revolutionising the manufacturing sector. This workshop aims to dissect the biggest risks and opportunities for manufacturers in 2021, and explain how your digital strategy should account for these to be competitive on a global scale.

Supply Chain

AI & machine learning and the importance of data

As technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital twins develop in the supply chain, the importance of data quality has never been more important.

Join Dave Manning who will draw on more than 30 years’ experience as a thought leading supply chain consultant to discuss common pitfalls that undermine data quality.


Opportunity for personalization

The pandemic has accelerated adoption of and dependency on digital channels for retailers of all shapes and sizes. Lockdown rendered traditional physical and experiential channels redundant as customers migrated to digital channels out of necessity.

With our panel of customer experience experts, where we’ll discuss how retailers can consistently provide value to their customers regardless of channel.


As easy as it gets

Introducing the first episode of our Webinar Wednesday series.

This month’s edition will reflect on K3|fashion’s ease of use.

Rather than focusing on complex functionality, the webinar will centre on the intuitive nature of D365 Supply Chain Management and Commerce.


Sales ordering

This is our first episode of our Webinar Wednesday series for K3|pebblestone.

This month’s edition will explore the Sales Ordering functionality, including ratio curves and prepacks.

We will be showing how to increase efficiency and save time when creating Sales Orders, how to easily enter multiple items, and how to quickly create larger orders.


Your next step in sustainability

The second edition of Webinar Wednesday for K3|fashion is all about sustainability.

We will showcase the various classifications and certificates that help to authenticate which suppliers or material are ethical – thereby empowering you to choose the greenest options.


Item worksheet

The second edition of Webinar Wednesday for K3|pebblestone will explore how businesses can import items in the solution.

K3|pebblestone’s Item Worksheet offers fashion businesses a quick and easy way to import items with multiple variants without headache.


Season Management

This month’s edition of Webinar Wednesday is all about Season Management.

K3|fashion’s Season Management provides various parameters for seasonal collections to provide businesses with greater insight and better performance – allowing them to become truly efficient.


Light Manufacturing

The latest edition of Webinar Wednesday for K3|pebblestone is focused on Light Manufacturing.

K3|pebblestone’s Light Manufacturing features enable businesses to handle manufacturing scenarios based on the Assembly Bill of Materials to drastically improve efficiency.