Opportunity for personalisation

Host: Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus | Andy Howell | Kate Cooper-Fay | Andrew Dixon

Opportunity for personalisation

Host: Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus | Andy Howell | Kate Cooper-Fay | Andrew Dixon

Event Overview

The pandemic has accelerated adoption of and dependency on digital channels for retailers of all shapes and sizes. Lockdown rendered traditional physical and experiential channels redundant as customers migrated to digital channels out of necessity.

This migration represents a huge opportunity. Omnichannel customers are extremely valuable, both in terms of their average spend, and the data they provide.

Retailers must make sure they offer something worthwhile in return and earn enough trust from customers to move forward with a data-based relationship.

Data is the key here, so, where do we need to start in order to tackle this issue?

Join the conversation with our panel of customer experience experts, where we’ll discuss how retailers can consistently provide value to their customers regardless of channel.

  • Hosted by K3’s Director of Marketing, Andy Howell
  • Prof. Dr. Phillip Klaus, Leading global CX Strategist and Advisor
  • Andrew Dixon, Tesco Clubcard pioneer
  • Kate Cooper-Fay, Customer Experience Transformation Director at K3

We’ll take a look at the key areas that businesses need to address in order to pursue a personalisation strategy that drives customer experience, loyalty and ultimately ensures business success and profitability.

Key areas:

  • Brand purpose: why should people care?
  • Customer and data experience strategy
  • Convenience, trust and confidence as currencies of loyalty
  • The purpose of different channels and services within the customer journey
  • How to approach data, customer intelligence and consumer data fear factors: education
  • How to invest in the right frameworks to capitalize on privacy and personalisation


Prof. Dr. Phil’ Klaus is widely considered one of the leading global Customer Experience Strategists. He is the founder of Dr. Phil Klaus & Associates Consulting, Professor of Customer Experience and Marketing Strategy at the International University of Monaco, bestselling author of “Measuring Customer Experience – How to Develop and Execute the Most Profitable Customer Experience Strategies,” Chairman of the PK Customer Experience Institute, and holds multiple visiting professorships around the globe. His award-winning research has appeared in numerous books, and a wide range of top-tier academic and managerial journals. Prof. Klaus is a frequent keynote speaker at public and in-company seminars and conferences around the world, and bestselling author of ‘Measuring Customer Experience.’ He is an experienced manager and management consultant with an active, international portfolio of Blue-Chip clients for whom he advises on customer experience strategy, profit enhancement, ‘next practice,’ and business development.

LinkedIn: Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus

Andrew Howell, K3 Marketing Director has a wealth of experience and success from within the FinTech and Retail Technology space. Having developed and taken to market bleeding edge technologies over the last decade in both commercial and marketing leadership roles, Andrew brings a dynamic, customer-centric, data-driven and highly creative approach to Marketing, previous clients include PepsiCo, Nestle, Bayer and Vodafone to name but a few.

LinkedIn: Andy Howell

Andrew Dixon Managing & Founder Partner at BPC Advisory. Andrew’s specialism is in retail, performance improvement, turn around solutions & data analytics. He is an expert in developing and implementing strategic business change to drive growth and efficiency.

Andrew’s key strengths include: leveraging territories, organisations and cultures as a senior business leader to rapidly achieve optimal performance; developing and delivering customer-focused business strategies that align to the business vision; establishing high-performing teams, processes and cultures that drive major business transformations; increasing staff engagement and significantly improving efficiency and nurturing collaborative key stakeholder relationships up to board level to clearly communicate objectives and win buy-in to strategic initiatives. Andrew is unique in his knowledge of customer loyalty, having been one of the few to run both the Tesco and Boots loyalty schemes. Customer centricity is his real passion.

LinkedIn: Andrew Dixon

Kate Cooper-Fay is a Leading Customer Experience and consumer behaviour expert, brand strategist and marketeer, deliver of growth transformation, turnaround and customer strategy, growing businesses and transforming industries through truly understanding customers and consumers. With experience and training gained from North America, she has advised some of the world’s leading organisations on their B2B and B2C growth strategies, as well as SME’s and start-ups.  

She has a deep understanding as to how some global companies have reached trillion-dollar market capital by using effective customer strategies and delivery to go the extra mile. Brands such as Nestle have selected Kate as their turn too expert for anything consumer/customer related, a board coach and advisor, and an  inspirational leader of growth, transformation and change; With experience that spans FMCG, retail, infrastructure, transport, technology, energy, hospitality, banking and construction, who enthuses, motivates and educates.  

LinkedIn: Kate Cooper-Fay