ERP & Supply Chain

ERP & Supply Chain

ERP & Supply Chain Solutions to Support your Business Today

Gain insight and control over all aspects of your business by selecting the best ERP solution to meet your business needs.  We offer several industry-centric ERP and Supply Chain solutions and, especially for the fashion and apparel industry, we have built K3|fashion,  K3|pebblestone Cloud, and K3|pebblestone On-Premise which extends the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and tailors it specifically for the needs of the fashion and apparel sector.

  1. Advice and Consultancy

    We can help you chose the ERP system that will work best for you. This can be a completely new implementation, moving from one system to another or the most suitable upgrade path on your existing system.

  2. Implementation & Change Management

    Our implementation experts will help you every step of the way.  Our support starts with you and stays with you, too.  We’ll work with you to ensure alignment of your business processes to deliver a solution on time and on budget.   It’s something we’ve done hundreds of times, so we’re very experienced at connecting people with technology, and making sure you and your K3 ERP solution work better together.

  3. Training and On-Going Support

    To help safeguard your ERP investment and build future-proof solutions we can support you with training and education of the people who will use it. We aim to make your ERP training and learning experience as engaging, relevant and accessible as possible.   So you can grow, evolve, and transform every part of your business to better meet the changing market and needs of your customers with K3.

  4. Cloud, Hosting & Managed Services

    In today’s digital business environment, it is critical that your IT infrastructure is a well-managed and smooth-running operation. K3 can help when it comes to cloud, hosting and managing your infrastructure with services that include a service desk, disaster recovery and online backups.

ERP & Supply Chain Solutions to Support your Business Today

K3|fashion is a concept-to-consumer enterprise ERP solution, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365, and further enhanced to meet the unique and exacting needs of the fashion and apparel industry.

This flexible and scalable solution offers fashion and apparel businesses a tailored environment in which to gain insight and control over all processes and channels to market.

The customised tools within K3|fashion, pre-configured to align to specific fashion tasks and processes, drive agility and productivity. The out-of-the-box fashion functionality means no need for extensive back-end configuration, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and quicker ROI.

  1. Made to Measure

    Our concept-to-consumer solution is flexible and scalable, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and further enhanced to meet the unique and exacting needs of the fashion and apparel industry.

  2. Colour, Size & Fit Handling

    Multiple product dimensions in one all-up view with quick order entry and editing via a fast and flexible matrix. Gain simplification through an aggregated view with faster order entry processing and replenishment.

  3. Sales Order Management

    With optimal allocation of received stock over open orders, taking into account shortages and surpluses and agile support for different scenario’s to cater for specific delivery preferences per customer.

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ERP & Supply Chain Solutions to Support your Business Today

K3|pebblestone is tailored to the needs of small and medium sized fashion and apparel companies and embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Over 11.500 users in over 750 companies in 40 countries have already made K3|pebblestone their fashion software solution of choice.

Depending on your business needs we have a choice of two solutions K3|pebblestone Cloud and K3|pebblestone On-Premise. So whether you’ve outgrown running your business on spreadsheets or are looking for a powerful ERP and Supply Chain solution to support your end to end business processes we can help.

  1. K3|pebblestone Cloud

    Our K3|pebblestone Cloud solution is aimed at smaller fashion businesses looking for a streamlined, packaged solution that is quick, reliable and cost-effective to implement. You could be up and running in less than a week, so your business can carry on without major disruptions.

    Our all in one solution covers everything you need to efficiently manage your business, boost your productivity, improve speed to market and minimise costs.

    With K3|pebblestone Cloud you’ll receive bi-monthly upgrades automatically, so you’ll always stay up to date with the latest functions and features.

  2. K3|pebblestone On-Premise

    Our K3|pebblestone On-Premise solution delivers a fully integrated, proven ERP solution tailored to the needs of small and medium sized fashion and apparel companies.

    Enabling wholesalers, brand owners, private label and Cut, Make, Trim companies in apparel, footwear, sporting goods, corporate and promotional wear and accessories to run their entire business through one fully integrated software solution.

    K3|pebblestone On-Premise covers the whole supply chain from the essential pre-sales to supply business processes including; planning, design, sourcing, purchasing, logistics, warehousing and financial administration and much more.

ERP & Supply Chain Solutions to Support your Business Today

We have developed K3|business planning to extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.  The fully integrated module enables you to create future business plans easily and define multiple budgets for each different business areas including retail and wholesale, sales and purchase, production and operations.

It empowers you to make smarter decisions with access to real-time insights and control over business plans. Regardless of the size of your company, K3|business planning will enhance your business operations to hit revenue targets.

  1. Business Planning in a Few Clicks

    Create plans and build different scenarios with no development needed.

  2. Real-Time Visibility

    Achieve total transparency and control over costs throughout your business and reach effective collaboration with suppliers and associates.

  3. Smarter Business Decisions

    Use your actual data to build up different scenarios and plan ahead.

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ERP & Supply Chain Solutions to Support your Business Today

SYSPRO is a continually evolving, industry-specific ERP solution designed to fit your business now and into the future adding significant value to Manufacturers and Distributors.

Powerful new features integrated with the latest innovative technologies, paves the way for transforming your business and streamlining your supply chain, providing greater control and visibility, while simplifying and personalising your experience.

Gain full view of all business activities with SYSPRO, including financial, warehouse and inventory management, across your supply chain and business operations with a solution that provides last-mile functionality to promote the success of your business.

  1. Industry Built

    Built to deliver industry-specific functionality for manufacturers & distributors to stay current and in control, with an ERP that better meets your unique industry and organisation’s needs.

  2. Choice & Flexibility

    An intuitive solution built around your company’s unique needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution that your business must build itself around.

  3. Actionable Insights

    Improve business performance and drive business behaviour with business-critical insights for quicker analysis, decision making and execution.

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