2020 provided a reset moment for retail and fashion, with many brands completely pivoting to meet customer demands through digital channels.

While over half of fashion retailers were not agile enough to capitalise on eCommerce boom, our latest research has found that retailers who made early investments in digital ERP reported fewer issues around agility, and were quicker to meet customer demands with efficient digital sales strategies.

In Q2 of 2021, K3 and Hitachi surveyed 300 Directors of eCommerce, Finance, and Buying and Merchandising from apparel and footwear brands across the UK, Germany and France to find out what the fashion brands who thrived last year had in common. The research deep dives into the following key areas:

  • Why a strong digital foundation is critical to a string digital strategy
  • What challenges fashion retailers face in their efforts to meet customers through digital channels
  • How fashion retailers can tackle challenges to digitalisation head on
  • How to build a strong case for a digital foundation that supports visibility and growth

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Why a strong transformation strategy needs a strong digital foundation.