K3 in a new reality

K3 in a new reality

The past couple of weeks have represented a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. We literally find ourselves in the midst of a new reality. While we are closely monitoring the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the local governments, K3 is still very much operational and here as always to support our customers, partners and employees through these challenging times.

In order to keep our employees as safe as possible, we have enabled everyone to work and communicate from home locations. Our care and consultancy teams are fully equipped to help you keep your businesses and projects running according to our individual circumstance. They can still be reached through all the channels that you are used to. Our service teams have also been fully briefed and equipped to follow protocols in the event that they are required on-site to assist. We are also in close communication with all our reselling, business and technology partners to ensure that we are working together to support our joint customers.

We believe that in the next couple of weeks and months we’ll see a phased approach from responding to the immediate situation, to ensuring as much continuity as possible under the circumstances, and then finally, a transition to getting back to normal operations. On this journey we would have learnt a great deal about what works and what can be optimised. This in turn offers an opportunity to review how things have been done in the past.

At K3 we are here to help and support you on that journey. Not only do we have some solutions that can help make the transition easier, but we are also here to apply our experience to help you think through and brainstorm the “what’s next”. By leveraging the power of technology and the power of our people, together we have the resilience to navigate this time of uncertainty.


How can we help?

What is K3’s plan and guidance given to date?

  • Taking into account local government advice within the regions we operate, we are continually reviewing and adapting our business approach. Our Business Continuity Plans are constantly being reviewed by our Senior Management Teams
  • Our teams are working from home where possible. All our teams have been enabled with the online tools for communication to ensure that they are contactable and available
  • We are proactively rearranging any customer sessions that have been planned. Where possible, we are opting for online sessions instead
  • We have introduced a Pandemic Response Team consisting of members of the management teams across the business. This team meets on a regular basis to review the current situation and any necessary activities
  • We are keeping all our employees up to date with regular global and region-specific updates. We have also launched an internal COVID-19 intranet hub to ensure people have access to all the relevant information including:
    • Links to Local Government Policies/Updates for all regions we operate in
    • Direct links to credible sources of information e.g. WHO
    • Updates for our Senior Management Team
    • Guidance on how to stay safe
    • Guidance on when and how to self-isolate


Has K3 made any special arrangements to control the spread of the virus and/or are there control measures we wish the customer’s staff to observe?

  • We have enabled our people to work from home where possible, and restricted all non-essential business travel
  • The Pandemic Response Team is tracking and reporting on any identified cases where our teams are self-isolating to understand any potential business impacts within local teams
  • We have implemented additional measures to ensure our work spaces are as clean as possible, and ensuring high frequency touch points are sanitised daily
  • Our support teams remain fully at the disposal of our customers should they require support and they can be reached through all the channels our customers normally use
  • Where an on-site presence is required to assist a customer, we ask that all recommended precautions are taken such as social distancing and frequent washing of hands etc.


In general:

  • We have issued multiple messages to our teams ensuring they are kept aware of the situation and our approach, both on email and via our internal intranet portal
  • A large number of our offices have been closed following local governmental advice. Others will remain open, but minimally staffed, until we are advised to close them either by government mandate, at the instructions of our Senior Management Team or if we identify a case of COVID-19 among one of our teams
  • We are fully supportive of our teams working remotely and doing the best we can to enable them in supporting our customers where necessary