My Commitment to Helping our Customers Gain a Competitive Edge

My Commitment to Helping our Customers Gain a Competitive Edge

By Chris Burnett, K3 Sales Director for SYSPRO

K3’s New SYSPRO Sales Director Committed to Helping Customers Gain a Competitive Edge

K3 offers businesses a unique opportunity to confront challenges and exploit opportunities with the power of ERP. In November I took over the role of Sales Director, driven by an appetite to use the SYSPRO product suite to address customer pain points and help them on their journey to digitisation.

I have spent more than 30 years selling, implementing and supporting the SYSPRO offer across a range of global markets. I have been lucky enough to see SYSPRO ERP evolve into a comprehensive toolbox of solutions which can transform business performance.

I started out as a SYSPRO customer back in the late 1980s when working for a transformer manufacturer. I saw first-hand how the system could empower end users and this led to successful career as a distributor and then Director of the largest SYSPRO reseller listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Over that time, I’ve worked with ERP’s brightest and best across Africa, the US, Australia and the UK. It has never ceased to amaze me how quickly SYSPRO has responded to changing market demands, exploiting new technologies to tackle the challenges of the day.

Now, as I help K3 gear up for the next decade, there has never been a more exciting time to be working in this sector. My priority is to leverage my experience to implement best practice in SYSPRO sales strategies and help customers gain a competitive advantage by building their digital resilience. K3 has a track record of best-in-class customer service and by forming long-term partnerships with clients, it is the provider of choice for businesses across a wide range of sectors.

For Movers and Makers across the UK, the fourth industrial revolution offers huge opportunities and SYSPRO gives them access to a host of new features, technologies and capabilities. For instance, SYSPRO 8 employs artificial intelligence to optimise shop floor data collection and integration. The modules open the door to new innovations such as machine learning, whilst offering customers access to critical data wherever and whenever they choose.

I relish the chance to help customers reap the benefits of digitisation. As we enter 2020, many businesses are reassessing their requirements and trying to plan for the year ahead. A centralised SYSPRO system immediately drives efficiencies, boosts productivity and has a significant impact on the bottom line.

The real value of the SYSPRO offer is that is constantly evolving in response to shifting demands, employing disruptive technologies to keep customers ahead of the game. That agility is critical and helps SYSPRO stand out from the crowd. Our team has decades of experience implementing ERP solutions and I welcome the opportunity to help businesses find ever more effective ways of working.

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