The hospitality industry needs a TOP notch table service to be ready for today and the future

The hospitality industry needs a TOP notch table service to be ready for today and the future

Keeping up with the disruptions caused by the pandemic is a mammoth challenge for the hospitality industry. Many companies have needed to look for new technologies and adapt processes quickly to conform with the ever changing COVID restrictions. The latest of these came on 24 September, and are set to shift further in the coming months.  

We recognise that pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants need a better way to serve their customers, quickly and conveniently. The operating landscape has changed, and so too has the way customers expect to be served, and the priority has to be keeping both employees and customers safe. But there is also the need to make sure that hospitality businesses can still thrive long term.  

The industry needs to be both ready for the now, and what comes next. While COVID has changed customer services and expectations, one day it will be gone and restaurants, bars and cafes need to be prepared for the next set of challenges and opportunities.    

To help these businesses future proof their premises, K3 is launching an all new browser-based tabletop ordering system, K3|TOP (Table Order Payment).  With TOP, hospitality businesses are able to provide a seamless customer service while simultaneously improving the customer experience by removing, for example, the need to queue at bars. Whilst table service is currently a government stipulation, it takes 66 days to create a new habit and no one knows what customers might want to keep doing once restrictions are lifted. So businesses need to have their eye on the future and how they will adapt in the years to come as well as the next few days. 

Built with K3’s wealth of experience and history in helping venues and attractions; TOP is here to help make life easier for businesses. Regardless of what happens.  

Grow with K3 

We recognise that over the course of the next few months, table ordering and payments is just one issue to be tackled. This is exactly why K3 is here to support businesses through every step of the setup process. Part of that commitment means not charging an onboarding fee to get businesses set-up, and providing ongoing 24/7 support. In doing so, K3 takes the hassle away from cafes, restaurants and bars setting up new technologies and helps ensure success by getting them trading quickly – something which is more crucial now than ever. 

What’s more, TOP is just one use case in an infinitely scalable solution offering from K3 for those operating in hospitality, venues and attractions. Once you start your journey with us, we can offer technology for every stage of your growth to ensure you are always ready for changes and evolution in customer requirements. For your entire journey, K3 is there to support. 

First three months free 

We understand that the next six months will be tough with government restrictions set to come thick and fast. With this in mind, K3 is offering the first three months of its TOP service for free for those that sign up before November.  

With the competitive monthly pricing, no on-boarding fee, continual on-hand support and the first three months free, K3 is here to help the hospitality sector navigate a very difficult and challenging time. 

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