Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

At K3 we understand that your normal business operations might be disrupted at the moment due to the recent measures taken to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. We have a number of solutions that can help you navigate some of the immediate challenges you might be facing.

Currently a significant proportion of the UK workforce is already, or may need to, work from home in an attempt to slow the progression of COVID-19.

This can create a challenge if you find that your employees can’t access the required applications and file storage to do their jobs when working remotely. We can help with a solution called K3|remote desktop which will ensure you maintain a high level of service and operations.

K3|remote desktop:

  • Enables remote working
  • Access your work PC and applications from anywhere
  • For those without VPN access or remote desktop technologies
  • Immediate setup
  • £25 per user, per month on a 1-month contract

We can deliver this service with a rapid turnaround time, including a quick training session on how to get the most out of the remote desktop functionality.

Pricing is £25 per user, per month on a 1-month contract, but we can provide more advanced VPN infrastructure once initial business continuity risks are mitigated. If there is no VPN connectivity into your site, K3 can provide this functionality for an additional fee.

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6-Months Free Office 365 E1 with Teams

Whether you’re speaking to customers or catching up with colleagues, having a digital tool which makes it easy to collaborate whenever, and wherever you are doing makes business much easier. This has never been truer than right now.

With a large proportion of the UK working from home until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, business apps and collaboration software have become more than just preferred methods of time management, storage and communication. Office 365 E1 and Microsoft Teams, for example, are now fundamental to our business continuity and will likely be for some time.

K3 highly recommends Office 365 E1 – which includes Teams – and it’s what we use and love within our business. However, we understand that many companies don’t have access to E1 or teams, or may have reservations about making an investment without experiencing the software.

So, as an official Microsoft partner, K3 would like to offer you a 6-month free trial of Office 365 E1. This gives you access to Teams (featuring chat, calls, video meetings and personalised calendars) plus web-based Office apps and business services.

You also get email, file storage and sharing capability, five layers of security and monitoring help keep your data safe and expert support throughout the trial period. Trial subscriptions will also be provisioned for up to 1000 licenses, to ensure that whatever size your business is, every employee can feel the benefits of Teams.

You’re eligible for the trial if you’re a new K3 customer without an Office 365 tenant, or you’re on one of the following plans:

  • Exchange Online Plan 1
  • Exchange Online Plan 2
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • Office 365 Business
  • Customers with Dynamics 365 and no Office 365

For terms and conditions, click here.

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A self-serve app designed to run on the consumers own device

Ideally suited for self-ordering at cafés, restaurants and bars, it enables customers to select product, place and order directly with the merchant. The app was pioneered by the Café App which K3 developed for the Retail Expo in London in 2019. It can optionally be accompanied with the K3|imagine Kitchen Display and K3|imagine Order Ready Board.

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This simple point of sale was built specifically to run on smart devices with a built in card reader. It has limited functionality compared to the full K3|imagine POS but is very suitable for small retailers or as a supplement to the original K3|imagine POS. The solution is simple to run on PAX and Castles devices.


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