Retail’s Race for Relevance Whitepaper

Retail’s Race for Relevance Whitepaper

The retail landscape is changing and there is no going back. Now more than ever, retailers need to think strategically about how they will adapt and survive in this new climate.

This could mean cutting back on the number of stores, doubling down on bridging the gap between the offline and online, or even focusing on at-home experiences driven by virtual channels.

Our latest research, in collaboration with Retail Gazette, quizzed more than 140 senior retail leaders on their plans for the coming months to learn more about the industry’s burgeoning trends.

Here are just a few of the key stats we unearthed:

  • 61% plan to have fewer but better stores by next year
  • 2 in 5 retailers believe at-home experiences driven by online channels will be the defining CX model in retail for the next decade
  • 61% are investing in better links between stores and online
  • Those with a headless commerce solution were a third more likely to report meeting customer demands

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