POS & Self Service

POS & Self Service

K3’s Point of Sale |POS | Self Service & Ticketing Solutions

Whether you’re looking for startup retail software or an integrated retail platform for multiple channels and stores and attractions we can help.

Our range of  POS, self service, in-store and ticketing solutions offer flexibility, speed and convenience, developed for businesses of all shapes and sizes, they neatly integrate within your existing technology infrastructure and can grow with your business.

  1. Delight your Customers

    It’s all about the experience. Stay ahead by giving your customers the flexibility, speed and convenience they demand with our range of solutions.

  2. Boost your Operations

    Redefine the way you work. Move quickly to achieve more for your business with our rapid to deploy options.

  3. Maximise your Investment

    Extend rather than simply replace your existing technology infrastructure. Have the freedom to innovate and the ability to adapt to whatever the future brings.

K3’s Point of Sale |POS | Self Service & Ticketing Solutions

Because every business is unique, our easy to use web based POS and back office system is designed to be flexible. Developed for businesses of all shapes and sizes, it neatly integrates within your existing technology infrastructure and can grow with your business. Built using K3|imagine, our cloud-native platform gives you the advantage from day one to transform your business processes with K3|imagine point of sale.

  1. Enhance your Customer Experience

    Give your customers the flexibility, speed and convenience they demand

  2. Control your Stock, Promotions & Payments Through One App

    Manage purchase orders, transfers, deliveries, counts and item look-ups, all from your mobile phone. Analyse trends and plan ahead, so you never run out of your customers’ favourites..

  3. Benefit from Fixed & Mobile POS Options

    Offer your customers a smooth check-out anywhere, on any device. The mPOS communicates wirelessly with your scanner, receipt printer and label printer. Say goodbye to frustrated customers waiting to be served.

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K3’s Point of Sale |POS | Self Service & Ticketing Solutions

Self service is transforming the customer experience of retailers, restaurants and companies across the hospitality industry.  Whether your business is new to self service or you’re looking for an advanced retail system to improve your current offering we can help with our range of self service solutions.

Built on K3|imagine, our cloud-native platform, K3’s self service solutions give customers the flexibility, speed and convenience they demand.  Customers can choose to browse, order and buy on mobile, kiosk, online and via BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with K3|imagine self service.

  1. Kiosks

    As well as offering customers an easy way to place an order, make payments and print receipts, you can use kiosks to offer discounts, advertise and gain valuable data. The kiosk can be branded too.

  2. Self Checkout

    Customers are able to self scan barcodes, pay and print or email receipts while staff can approve restricted items. You can also set up advertising.

  3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Through a self service interface, customers can use their own mobile to make orders and payments, email receipts, receive discount deals, check waiting times, and scan barcodes for information through the camera, all branded.

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K3’s Point of Sale |POS | Self Service & Ticketing Solutions

Put power into the hands of your store team with K3’s mobile Companion app. Make the retail experience slicker and better for your staff and customers. Empower staff to spend time on tasks that have the most impact.

  1. More Time on the Shop Floor

    With the Companion app there’s no need to run between the shop floor and the stock room to look for items. You can simply scan a barcode or search to see live stock-levels at your store and your other K3|imagine locations.

  2. Easy to Receive or Transfer Goods

    Simply scan products to receive goods from a store transfer or Purchase Order and to transfer products to another location. Companion uses the camera on your mobile device as a scanner. It also connects to Bluetooth scanning devices.

  3. Manage Stock From Your Mobile

    K3|imagine companion provides you with a mobile stock management solution. Making stock counts, ordering products, and product adjustments so much easier. Simply scan empty fixtures to show current stock and create a printable list for a Google Cloud Printer.

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K3’s Point of Sale |POS | Self Service & Ticketing Solutions

MStore from K3 is the first ticketing and POS choice for large and small visitor attractions.  Combining a high quality ticketing and POS system with hospitality and stock control, it delivers reliability by utilising leading-edge technology that is intuitive to use. The extensive functionality meets the needs of all visitor attractions from museums and galleries, historic buildings and railways to amusement parks and zoos.

  1. No Hidden Costs

    All the functionality you need delivered immediately so you don’t get hit with extra costs as your business grows.  It’s the perfect solution to manage all your business needs, from online booking for admissions & events, room booking, membership management, animal adoption, to hospitality and gift shop management.

  2. Seamless Customer Experience

    Online ticketing provides your visitors with a seamless experience, including on line ticket booking for admission control, gift aid declaration, gated access control, event bookings, seat allocation, membership management, marketing campaigns, gift shop stock control, supplier purchasing, and much more.

  3. Gain One View of Your Business

    With real time information on all aspects of your business,  analyse your business and customers buying habits like never before and boost your bottomline.

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K3’s Point of Sale |POS | Self Service & Ticketing Solutions

Wherever you are on your journey, we can help you bring your solutions together

  1. Hardware

    From affordable hardware packages to advice on whether your existing hardware is compatible.

  2. Payments

    Through our payment partners, accept all forms of payment via our POS software.

  3. Integrations

    Integrate your disparate systems from ERP to IoT data using K3|dataswitch.

  4. Services

    From advice on the best solutions for your business to setting up hardware and training your staff.

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